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More than merely a place to lay your head at night, your home is a reflection of you; your personality, hobbies, accomplishments, and your memories. Your home is where you invite the family for holiday dinners, rock your newborn to sleep and mark their growth on the doorframe of their bedroom door. Your apartment is where you gave yourself pep-talks in the mirror for that next big business meeting, the first place to call your own and a monumental leap into responsibility and adulthood. Your condo is your vacation spot that you excitedly look forward to all year.

Your nest is an investment, and one that should generate feelings of warmth, relaxation, and contentment. Let Our Nest Designs help transform your space into your dream home. 

Commercial Design Consults

Our Nest Designs has a knack for converting common and uninspiring commercial spaces into ones that generate excitement and productivity. Whether you are expanding your operation or need a morale reboot, our commercial interior designer will create a balance of functionality and appearance that will both boost your workflow and morale.

Spring has come! It’s so refreshing after the long dark hours of winter that feel like they go on forever. The new season brings renewed energy and desires to tackle projects and shake out those winter blues. But interior projects don’t always have to be those intense major overhauls we see on the big shows; […]

March 19, 2020

  Updating and redesigning a space can be so exciting but also nerve-wracking, too. After all, we all watch HGTV, right? Demo day is so exhilarating, but then, don’t they always find something unexpected? Even as professionals, we all hope and say a little prayer that we don’t see water damage, mold, or dry rot […]

March 14, 2020

  The year 2020 has officially begun and is off with a bang! With each new year comes the opportunity for growth in design, whether it be fashion, web or interior design! Our tastes grow and evolve to reflect not only what is going on with our personal life, but also in the world around […]

March 14, 2020

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