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Listing your home for sale isn’t the first step towards selling your house. Actually, the real work should begin weeks, or even months in advance. Some home sellers believe that the process of selling your home starts as soon as you buy it because you’ll always be making upgrades and changes to increase your ROI. […]

Home Staging

March 27, 2020

Tips to Staging the Front Door | Utah Home Staging

Spring has come! It’s so refreshing after the long dark hours of winter that feel like they go on forever. The new season brings renewed energy and desires to tackle projects and shake out those winter blues. But interior projects don’t always have to be those intense major overhauls we see on the big shows; […]

Interior Design

March 19, 2020

Interior Decorating Projects | UT Interior Designer

  Updating and redesigning a space can be so exciting but also nerve-wracking, too. After all, we all watch HGTV, right? Demo day is so exhilarating, but then, don’t they always find something unexpected? Even as professionals, we all hope and say a little prayer that we don’t see water damage, mold, or dry rot […]

Interior Design

March 14, 2020

Ask an Interior Decorator | UT Interior Designer

  The year 2020 has officially begun and is off with a bang! With each new year comes the opportunity for growth in design, whether it be fashion, web or interior design! Our tastes grow and evolve to reflect not only what is going on with our personal life, but also in the world around […]

Interior Design

March 14, 2020

Recap of Trends from 2019 | Utah Interior Designer

If you’re selling a home this year, it is crucial to know that the colors that you choose to decorate with have a direct impact on the psyche of your buyer. Some colors feel homier, others generate excitement, and still, others can have a negative effect. Choosing modern colors can help your home appear up-to-date. […]

Home Staging

February 11, 2020

Colors to Decorate with in 2020 | Home Staging

“Spring cleaning” isn’t just for springtime! Every season change is an ideal opportunity for deep cleaning — not just springtime — to keep your space organized, clutter-free, comfortable, and homey. When your home is organized, clean, and free of clutter, it can feel like a warm blanket of peace wrapped around your shoulders! Does it […]

Interior Design

February 7, 2020

Spring Cleaning Tips | Utah Interior Decorator

Have you ever been repainting your walls and are not sure whether you’ll have enough paint to finish the project? I’ve been there — and while I do like the drama of not knowing what will happen in the end, when it comes to a messy paint job, I’d rather be sure. Besides, I’d hate […]

Home Staging, Interior Design

January 31, 2020

3 Steps to Calculate the Amount of Paint Needed

So you made it through Christmas and sailed past New Year. Without the holiday decorations, the house feels empty. Your home needs some attention! We’re in the weird decorating limbo between Christmas and spring. Winter is a slower time for many, and we find ourselves with less on our plates than during other times of […]

Interior Design

January 24, 2020

Winter Interior Decorating Ideas | Interior Decorator

Generally speaking, selling a house over the holidays is NOT an easy feat. Rest assured, there can be some advantages to having your house on the market during the last part of the year. For one thing, there are fewer homes on the market during the winter, which will ensure that your home will receive […]

Home Staging

December 27, 2019

Home Staging During the Holidays

The holidays bring people together, both friends and family alike. Although we gather periodically in many different places – from the kitchen to the back porch – much of the focus is on the dining room table. The table is where we eat, share, create conversation, laugh, and make memories. In homes across the world, […]

Interior Design

December 12, 2019

A Host’s Guide to the Perfect Holiday Table