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Whether you are preparing your home for sale, rent, or as a short term vacation rental, staging your home is imperative to get top dollar and fast showings, even in a difficult market. Did you know that, on average, staging your space increases your sale price by 6% to 10%? That translates to tens of thousands of dollars in additional revenue, just by improving the versatility and the aesthetics of the area.

Just as you would dress up for an interview or a first meeting, so should your house. Marketing savvy realtors, homeowners, and rental management companies all know first-hand that staging is a must-have for a quick and lucrative sale.

Our Nest Designs will help your home make a memorable first impression, one that will leave a beautiful lasting memory in the minds of your potential clients, putting your property at the top of their "must see" list!

Listing your home for sale isn’t the first step towards selling your house. Actually, the real work should begin weeks, or even months in advance. Some home sellers believe that the process of selling your home starts as soon as you buy it because you’ll always be making upgrades and changes to increase your ROI. […]

March 27, 2020

If you’re selling a home this year, it is crucial to know that the colors that you choose to decorate with have a direct impact on the psyche of your buyer. Some colors feel homier, others generate excitement, and still, others can have a negative effect. Choosing modern colors can help your home appear up-to-date. […]

February 11, 2020

Have you ever been repainting your walls and are not sure whether you’ll have enough paint to finish the project? I’ve been there — and while I do like the drama of not knowing what will happen in the end, when it comes to a messy paint job, I’d rather be sure. Besides, I’d hate […]

January 31, 2020

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